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File: 1535049201276.jpg -(83713 B, 850x608) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
83713 No.7377  
How was your day today anon?

>> No.7383  
My Tuesday and Thursday schedule is LOOONNGG and it kinda sucks
Overall good day tho desu, had a poptart for breakast, deff gonna get drunk tonight tho
>> No.7387  
>> No.7388  
fucking 10:15-5:45
with some many breaks in the middle
>> No.7442  
>> No.7443  
Tiring and I've only been up for an hour
>> No.7445  
Great thanks for asking!
The bus sucks ALMOST as much as buying a parking pass.
No it ain't
>> No.7448  
File: 1535401921751.jpg -(74303 B, 740x487) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
im sick rite now and its stealing my energy
>> No.7452  
You're the only person who's asked. Pretty good, actually.
>> No.7456  
I lost my dorm keys ike an idiot and now I have to pay the 250. Fuck my life
>> No.7460  
coming to this board for the first time is the highlight of the day desu
>> No.7464  
There was an acquaintance that I thought I made into a good friend at an event recently
but when I was chatting with them today they seemed disinterested, and put in their earbuds after I got nervous
they seemed ashamed to have been buddy buddy when we were both drinking
what a shame, I just want more friends
>> No.7473  
>>7464 I've been guilty of this. Sometimes you just don't
>> No.7474  
>>7473 *don't want a new friend. Damn this system is wacky. Anyway, I'll be friendly to someone when they engage, but often avoid it going further than that because I don't have the time or energy to keep up with existing friends and responsibilities. That's why, as cliche as it may seem, places with the sole purpose of meeting new people are better because you know the people you're interacting with actually have the space in their life for someone new like you.
>> No.7477  
>>7474 This is an interesting take and I've never really thought about it that way. I've always been kind of distasteful of places like bars because I'd rather get drunk with my buddies for a third of the price.
>> No.7478  
Same, long day tired asf. Started at 8:30 and just finished. Finding this board is also the highlight though im hype desu. Best part is that its red board and corrects desu to desu desu
>> No.7479  
I have a tinder date tonight bros, my first one
all the others were from okcupid
>> No.7480  
>>7479 glhf anon
>> No.7481  
File: 1535500969372.jpg -(77880 B, 537x647) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>7479 good luck anon!
>> No.7489  
It went very well!
I can't wait to see her again
>> No.7498  
>>7489 glad it worked out for ya
>> No.7550  
pibgornn loves eating pfeiffa lugern
>> No.7554  
kaporn loves eating apple jacka suenn
>> No.7555  
Absolutely shitty. FeelsBadMan
>> No.7556  
>>7377 My day was garbo. I hope everyone had a better than than me but that doesn't require much.
>> No.7880  
I'm stuck on centennial all fucking day I hate it fuck I just wanna play Street Fighter
>> No.7900  
I had a pretty nice day. I was gonna drive to Charlotte and back to pick up a friend, but instead another friend is taking care of it.
Now maybe my blood-flow will normalize again!
>> No.8005  
Astoundingly boring so far. Looking forward to this 3 day weeknd though.
>> No.8104  
Woke up at 1:00 and Im bout to spend my whole weeknd blitzed and playing the new Monster Hunter
>> No.8504  
File: 1538029968459.png -(1244928 B, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fine; not even the bus wanted to hang out tho shit was wack
>> No.8939  
File: 1540754616647.jpg -(4316400 B, 3120x4160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
saw this smug motherfucker today
slogan: a bone in every doghouse, a tennis ball in every garage
that sux0rz; it's hard to be straightforward with friends sometimes
I have a lot of trouble with it at least; the realest people understand those feelings though, even if you said something that you didn't mean or anything else
>> No.8940  
I'd vote for him. H'ed be a good boy.
Literally every communication I have with any human being ever
>> No.8941  
Not so good. I felt like my friend was being rude to me, so I sent a message to her giving my perspective
and in retrospect the message seems silly and overblown and makes me look autistic and she still hasn't responded
so I feel really bad now
we're usually pretty straightforward with each other
in fact the last time we had an incident she told me to tell her if she was being inconsiderate
but this particular time it was no where near as bad, and she might have been joking
also she knows I browse these boards so maybe I shouldn't talk about it here
am I male? yes
>> No.8944  
are you man?
women arent men. you cant treat em that way. good luck.
>> No.8946  
File: 1540761876835.jpg -(4475908 B, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My day's been a bit up and down. I woke up to a text from my mom telling me to call her and she told me my dog died last night. It's a rough way to start the day, esp since he was my oldest friend (besides family). Pic related, it's my dog from yesterday when he was feeling sick but enjoying the yard.
I then also had a first date with a really good friend of mine that went super well and we hung out all day. She was super sweet and was comforting me bc she was there when I was talking to my mom.
So it's been a bit weird. It's hard to call a day good when it starts like that, but I think it's been a pretty good day.
>> No.8949  
File: 1540785718975.jpg -(223081 B, 1200x886) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
women are women, and they're also people in the sense that their behaviour varies from person to person. They aren't men, but it is possible to be friends with them. Just, not all of them, I guess.

In other news I had a nice day-- woke up late because yesterdays party put my sleep schedule in an odd place, and I got to see two friends of mine. I absolutely adore these two people so being able to see them and talk to them made me really happy. I hadn
t seen one of these two friends in a long time, so I feel amazing. Keeping good friendships is something I struggle with, so I tend to treasure moments like these for a long time. Sometimes I get sad because I remember that I could very well lose these few friendships with time, but one can always fantasize about that shared bunker deep in the mountains, where we can be neighbors and have our families and have our kids play together.
I think my imagination is a little much when it comes to this sort of thing, but I'm a very devoted sort of person. Once I decide I care about someone it feels a lot like romantic love, except I just want to go shooting and talk politics and hug a lot,
>> No.8969  
I have no friends man

I feel comfortable alone but I am lonely

Why can't I relate to anyone god damn it?
>> No.8970  
Sure sucks to be you. I have one (1) friend.
>> No.8973  
>take test, feel pretty good
>grades handed back
>almost everyone < 70
I do really well on tge projects / HW but this is just too weird
guess I'll jjust keep on top of things like I have been
>> No.8974  
Some profs just design classes that way. They /want/ an average of 70 on tests, but then tend to curve at the end so people pass
Some profs are also just massive assholes, it depends on the dept desu.
>> No.8989  
File: 1541263383437.jpg -(24190 B, 636x421) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Crimping ethernet cables all morning
Saturday is Caturday


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