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75360 No.7354  
Where do you children shop?
For groceries and stuff, of course. I'll go ahead and tell you where I go:
* Food Lion on Avent Ferry
>It's close. No other reason
>There's a 1 in 2 chance that your car will be hit with a shopping cart though
* The new Target on Hillsborough
>Been there a few times
>Pretty small store though
* Food Lion on Western blvd
>Just when I go to Cookout
* Grand Asia Market in Cary
>If you can put up with the fish-market smell there's a lot of really good things in here
>don't buy the meat probably
* 東洋食品 in Cary
>Not recommended for beginners
>[spoiler]There is no[/spoiler] vegetarian dim sum
* Harris Teeter in Cameron Village
>Packed 24/7 but it's a good store
>Free sugar cookies if you can snatch one out of that container that says it's for kids only
>> No.7397  
Harris Teeter off of Western
>Hairy Teets quality
>Pretty sure it's cheaper than the HT at CV
H Mart in Cary
>Dank Korean ramen plus other Korean/Asian stuff
>Really good restaurants inside the store too, I love BBQ Chicken
"BBQ Chicken" is the name of a restaurant btw

Also, forgot to say that the HT on Western is less busy and easier to get in and out of

ngl, I only go to Grand Asia Market for the steamed pork buns

Also idk if you're Asian or just like ethnic grocery stores OP, but there's an Israeli and a Mediterranean grocery store at Mission Valley. Love the pita bread at both, plus they have some specialty stuff

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