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File: 1527865263979.jpg -(453123 B, 1281x1641) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
453123 No.7305  
Is this teh DDR at boxcar in RAL?
>> No.7306  
for sure
seems like a recent picture because the air hockey tables aren't immediately behind the DDR
>> No.7307  
this guy seems like he's really getting into it
Did they change the setup? Last I went, the airhockey tables were disgracefuly close to the DDR cabinet and I was hit with the puck on more than one ocassion. Haven't gotten the chance to go recently.

But I think I recognize that big TV in the background as *BIG* *BUCK* *HUNTER* *HD*
>> No.7308  
The setup was really different when I went in there a week ago
also they had some new games
>> No.7309  
>>>>>new games
if there's an initial D cab in there im gonna shit a brick
>> No.7310  
Don't remember seeing one
they added a star wars game that I loved playing as a kid in adventure landing though
I ended up spending a few bucks on it

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