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37506 No.7295  
Summertime depression has set in
what are the howlers up to?
local dragon ball z con begins on Friday
>> No.7296  
How long does it run? I'm going to be out of town with family :/

I'm taking classes and
>> No.7297  
File: 1527151637675.jpg -(61701 B, 736x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Taking classes
What kind of a-nime con? Is it super-focused (something like 2hu) or is it just general weebshit?
>> No.7298  
general weebshit
>> No.7299  
File: 1527430688521.jpg -(23445 B, 384x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
but the real question is did *you* go?
>> No.7300  
I did go, but hardly
Friday night I got drunk and spent most of Saturday at home, only went for a few hours that day
didn't go sunday because of board games and a date
>> No.7301  
“Also worthy of mention is a clique among the suicidal for whom the meaning of their act is a darker thing. Frustrated as perpetrators of an all-inclusive extermination, they would kill themselves only because killing it all is closed off to them. They hate having been delivered into a world only to be told, by and by, “This way to the abattoir, Ladies and Gentlemen.” They despise the conspiracy of Lies for Life almost as much as they despise themselves for being a party to it. If they could unmake the world by pushing a button, they would do so without a second thought. There is no satisfaction in a lonesome suicide. The phenomenon of “suicide euphoria” aside, there is only fear, bitterness, or depression beforehand, then the troublesomeness of the method, and nothingness afterward. But to push that button, to depopulate this earth and arrest its rotation as well—what satisfaction, as of a job prettily done. This would be for the good of all, for even those who know nothing about the conspiracy against the human race are among its injured parties.”
― Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

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