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86164 No.7269  
What does everyone's summer plans look like?
summer boy
Okay dice how many different places will I go this summer:
Wow! Better start planning
>> No.7270  

Going to chattanooga and asheville for a week
Going to the beach a few times
dying inside the rest of the time

Lover Boy
>> No.7271  
Sk[spoiler]8[/spoiler]r boi
>> No.7274  
research boye
>> No.7290  
Construction Boi
>> No.7311  
summer sux0rz
It's too hot and there is not enough vacation when your summer is just another semester at school
>> No.7312  
I'm having a really nice summer even though I'm taking classes. Probably because they're online and one is pretty much entirely repeat material.
Seeing a lot of my friends and spending quality time with them, I'm living a good life.
I find myself happy quite frequently and I think that's a good thing.

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