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5664465 No.7203  
Tell us about your day!
Remember that not every day can be the best and not every day is the worst. Did you eat anywhere interesting? Did you meet anyone new? What did you learn today?
>> No.7204  
Every day sucks and nothing matters
I ate like complete trash in my house
I met the same people I see every day
I learned nothing other than a renewed sense of appreciation for the reality that every day is a punch to the face
>> No.7207  
File: 1524060002829.jpg -(229006 B, 850x1123) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a nice bowl of noodles today and some [spoiler]mediocre[/spoiler] pork cutlet. That // Those meals were probably the best part of today because I was in class until 8:15PM and I didn't get a cup of coffee like I promised myself.
That's fine though... I've come to appreciate surrendering some days as just "days," but I still try to make those special days count!
if every day is a punch to the face, that'd be exciting. However, I think what you described is *not* exciting. I'm not sure I follow
Do you mean that every day is self-same, to the point that it's offensive?
Or is every day so painful that it's like being hit every day?
>> No.7209  
File: 1524074237943.png -(1684550 B, 1920x1036) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today is going to be a long one and my life has been super busy and stressful recently with no sign of slowing down at least for a while.
My greatest misfortune of the day is being told I can only transfer 12 credits to a Master's but hopefully maybe I can make it work out. I'm not very interested in re-doing 15 hours (a whole year of courses), so I will probably just abandon if it doesn't work out and come back for a PhD sooner than I had originally thought.
Life is hard sometimes, but I grabbed some poetry from the library and it makes me feel less stressed and sad. It's some Petrarch, Remedies for Fortune Fair and Foul, that I stumbled into while in the library and decided would be fun to have around for a bit.
Also I'm at moderate risk of failing a class and that concerns me, but powering through is what I gotta do.
>> No.7210  
File: 1524098859318.jpg -(105116 B, 485x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>7209 What do you mean by be back sooner for a PhD? Wouldn't that make you come back later?
I am annoyed at the student in charge of teaching me the fundamentals of my research....i have to do lab reports throughout the semester (7 of them) and the first one was moderately bad because he didnt tell me to include the stuff he wanted, and I have only gotten 2 of them graded so far with 1.4 weeks left of class
>> No.7211  
File: 1524114500110.jpg -(90330 B, 780x619) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
got a ton to do, probably not gonna sleep well till the weeknd, and even then i'll be busy
i dunno, im still at a point where the future looks so far away, and im not sure where my place'll be
but moreso than ever before, im fired up to make my place, even if it isnt lucrative
i have so much that im passionate about and would love to dedicate the energy that i have to spend
riskin it for the biscuit
on things i care about for once in my life
and im gonna make that happen one day
>> No.7215  
Sooner b/c if I'm making B.S. money I'm more likely to want to take a break to pursue more education and more salary/opportunities. I don't think going MA -> PhD is really a required thing, but I could also just be dead wrong about that.
That situation you're in is pretty bad, though. Not knowing the vast majority of your grade this close to the end of the semester isn't acceptable. I hope it all comes out in your favor, though.
That's the spirit! Not knowing the future doesn't have to be a fearful thing, excitement for stories untold is the better way to see it! I feel the heavy workload, though, these last few weeks will be very trying.
>> No.7219  
>>7215 i think it depends on the field. like getting a phd in math or physics might unlock some high level science job, but the pay might not be as high as a masters in some kind of engineering (or even a bachelors)
>> No.7229  
High-level science jobs are pretty much my endgame. I'm doing statistics so I want to get in on the design stage instead of just staying on the analysis side.
I think a Masters gets that in some places, but PhD would open that door in a way that no one considers whether or not it should be open.
>> No.7230  
>>7229 are you at ncsu? my impression of the stats department is sort of bad after having gumpertz and martin
>> No.7231  
I am, I haven't had either Gumpertz or Martin, what did they teach?

I think a lot of the professors are pretty good, in my time in the stats department I've only had 2 profs that I would say were straight-up bad
By and large it was really good, though. Griffith, Duggins, and Post were definitely my favorites, but most were alright at worst.
Also I just remembered a 3rd and 4th prof that I thought weren't very good. Both of those additional 2 were still really easy classes, though, so they weren't bad enough to make it mysteriously hard.
>> No.7232  
File: 1524581912190.jpg -(51918 B, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>7231 twas ST 515 and 516; stats fer engineers. martin expected us to know about moment generating functions that were (literally) mentioned once in the textbook by way of a caption for an image. gumpo just read off of powerpoints, though she gave really useful practice problems for exams.
>> No.7234  
I feel like MGFs are somewhat extraneous for engineers anyway. It doesn't seem like something that's really necessary for a non-statistician to know/use, it's very deeply bogged down in the theory.
It's definitely even worse if it was only ever a side-note and never shown as though it's something you should consider devoting time and energy to learning.
>> No.7268  
I am feeling good again

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