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Hi friends, full-time student here. And by full-time, I mean that I am doing absolutely nothing besides school. Because there is such minimal obligation otherwise (family lives far away, friends don't do much etc.) I'm considering picking up a job on-campus.
Does anyone have experience working while in school (not necessarily at NCSU)? I know that it will be a lot of balance but I'm sincerely looking for opinions.
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I was a physics TA + tutor for 3 years and it was ok. the TA part was always 8-11am for some reason, and i would be super tired for the rest of the day, but it was low intensity. the tutoring was sometimes hard when trying to explain a topic to someone who doesnt know the same amount of stuff as i do. balancing school was sometimes a problem, because my 7-9 tutoring hours on thursday could prevent me from studying.

also i think tin roof teas in cameron village might be hiring.....if you want to be my inside (wo)man
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>>7104 EDIT: it wasnt 7-9 hours of tutoring, but 7-9pm
>> No.7111  
I was an RA for a couple years and I don't really recommend it. It's a lot of work/stress, but you get to meet a lot of cool people.
I'm happy to not be doing it anymore.
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i work in
>> No.7242  
Cookout is always hiring, even if it sucks ass, ive also done retail and survived

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