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Welcome to the eternal math thread. Ask un/important questions and discuss in/famous mathematicians, their work, and mathematics in general here

Word problems are welcome too; if you find the solution to a problem, please be kind and [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] your answer
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This has been bothering me; what family of functions fits this bill? Boundary conditions are listed below: genuinely do not care about the behavior for negative `t`, and simplicity is preferred since this will be an on-the-fly computation

If it happens that the fn is not particularly simple, I'll use a piecewise function with a linear approximation, s.t.
1.) For 02.) 0 Otherwise
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File: 1518534662641.gif -(37655 B, 576x266) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is the approximate curve (though this specific curve is too steep for our purpose). Pulled this from an explanation of the voltage transfer characteristic of a CMOS inverter but I cannot find any hints about the function family. . . there are only paragraphs and paragraphs about calculating specific parameters: typical EE but it's a start nonetheless

Thanks 302
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File: 1518556712768.jpg -(29168 B, 260x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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>>7030 EDIT: a cool thing i forgot to mention is the half-normal is defined only with the standard deviation, since the mean is a scalar multiple of the standard deviation for this distribution. You could also say the standard deviation is a scalar multiple of the mean.
>> No.7033  
Note that this dist is only what you're looking for with a specific value of sigma (sqrt(2/pi))
Just because you specified a y-intercept of 1.
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File: 1518668757418.jpg -(58989 B, 640x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This looks like exactly what I'm looking for, 39
The original problem was: I wanted something to indicate wi-fi latency measured in miliseconds. A bar would be drawn / colored in to be a certain percentage of its width depending on your ping (lower ping gets a fuller bar), and I wanted it to look relatively full until about 400ms, then be a lot more sensitive to small changes
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Though actually I guess you could use any value and just scale the response since you're not actually worried about it being a valid pdf
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File: 1519010004192.jpg -(55505 B, 640x829) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I managed to solve this problem by completely avoiding it
>> No.7284  
today i managed to solve a problem by completely avoiding part of it. part of an output file had the number along with uncertainty on the same line, so it would be like "5.3010E-3 .002 and i managed to do a 'replace all' on "E-3 ." to avoid writing any sort of script
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File: 1525783448439.jpg -(208417 B, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anything to dodge extra work
>> No.7288  
>>7284 UPDATE: i figured out you can truncate excel values by =left(cell,N) where N is the number of digits to include. Also re-ran the simulation with 1e6 replications instead of 1e4 and used 6 of my cores and my computer became a space heater for 3 hours.
>> No.7461  
are general questions okay
my instructor dropped mathematica on us and gave no real explanation on how to use it
any good resources that aren't a 10-hour youtube series?
>> No.7462  
use MATLAB or Maple instead
>> No.7463  
>>7462 we gotta use mathematica tho
like im fine with using it, he literally has only offered "the TA made a tutorial on youtube" and it's just an 8-minute video of him telling you what a variable is
i just need simple explanation of its workings
>> No.7465  
as a math TA I feel bad for him
I'm constantly bugged about shit like maple, matlab, and mathematica when I'm a mediocre coder myself
what class is this for?
doesn't seem like it would be a calc sequence class
>> No.7466  
>>7465 PY 201 lmao
>> No.7467  
oh lol
physics is death
>> No.7468  
>>7467 the sad part is i've taken an equivalent course before but this is just kind of silly
there is ONE other "resource" for it on moodle but it's deadass just a link to Lynda's homepage
>> No.7469  
yo fuck calc 2

>> No.7470  
>>7469 calc 3 is easy, just look forward to that
>> No.7472  
Take MA225 "Foundations of Advanced Mathematics"
Like, if you get the choice
I think it's requisite for MA majors and only suggested for math minors
calc 2 is a rite of passage
>> No.7540  
>>7472 225 is required for math minors, I took that to fulfill a requirement for my math minor
>> No.7541  
>Required Courses
None. MA 225 is not required for the Minor.
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