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Is there like a cryptography club or something similar at ncsu? I know that there are a lot of computer-focused clubs like the LUG + professional development orgs. for CS people but there's nothing that's like crypto-specific from what I can see

Looking to exchange public keys in a non-sexual way
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i wish....one day ill get a PGP and exchange it and send you a secret message.
actually i wanna give a lecture to noobs about crypto and teach them how to use signal and veracrypt. but i need to improve public speaking ability first
>> No.6989  
Start the club! I'd show up. Even if the first few meetings were just you getting used to public speaking.
>> No.6994  
File: 1517878330436.jpg -(164328 B, 950x647) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
it would be geared towards idiots/people who dont do computer stuff all the time. basically teaching them about the LUKS-esue feature of veracrypt made for windows, and to tell them to download signal and delete whatsapp and whatnot
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File: 1517884647655.png -(1046735 B, 1024x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ehh, I think that an OS-agnostic crypto club would be nice. . . like working with higher-level concepts and maybe 1-2 workshops about how cryptography can work on your computer
A lot of practical knowledge regarding crypto can be picked up on-line, but it's also important to learn the outlining ideas behind secure e-mail, signatures, and crypto in general. I think we could have a fun time making paper Enigma machines at the Craft center!
>> No.7001  
>>6995 http://users.telenet.be/d.rijmenants/en/enigmasim.htm
you could simulate the real thing instead!
>> No.7018  
this sounds super cute. I'd be in for this sort of thing. I'm currently trying to get in contact with one of the crypto profs here, but she's super busy :(
>> No.7206  
People still use Telenet?

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