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File: 1516594952687.jpg -(1108169 B, 1568x2656) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1108169 No.6848  
Anyone know what processing requirements/os requirements are for the ECE program, specifically EE. Would a thinkpad x200 running parabola work? It has worked so far but I just want to make sure it will continue.
>> No.6849  
File: 1516627782867.jpg -(99069 B, 579x819) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
EE/CE dual-major checking in. There's not much in the way of _necessary_ softwares; the one off the top of my head is the software that the Analog Discovery 2 uses (it's called Digital Waveforms) but the binary is at least available to d/l on their website or from the AUR.
If you have not taken ECE109 yet, there's a dumb Java virtual machine you have to run in order to write programs for the LC3 architecture. . . otherwise you might need to use MS Word / Google Docs for ENG331 because every instructor wants a .docx of every assignment for some reason

src: I've done my HW on a W541 running Arch since I got into the curriculum
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I hate to be that guy, but is that
>> No.6851  
Software gpl compatible. Sorry wifi cut out
>> No.6852  
File: 1516639728900.png -(486903 B, 657x1164) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you mean
>is that Analog Discovery 2 software GPL compatible
That's a big fat no. bins are distributed gratis but source code is not
It's fine though since [spoiler]the BSD 3-clause license is clearly superior to any version of the GPL[/spoiler]

If you're going for a complete FOSS build on your machine, I'm going to warn you that you'll have a hard time using your computer. But go ahead, don't let someone on the internet boss you around
>> No.6853  
I have yet to have any problem with my completely free computer. Most of the software I use is free anyway. Also BSD 3 is GPL compatible which is fine in my books, probably to the dismay of RMS. Thanks for the help, I'll end up just installing it on an external usb to keep
>muh freedoms
>> No.6854  
what's the best $EDITOR
>> No.6857  
Vim, but only if you know how to quit it. The true challenge of our time.
>> No.6859  
From: patl@athena.mit.edu (Patrick J. LoPresti)
Subject: The True Path (long)
Date: 11 Jul 91 03:17:31 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs,alt.slack

When I log into my Xenix system with my 110 baud teletype, both vi
*and* Emacs are just too damn slow. They print useless messages like,
'C-h for help' and '"foo" File is read only'. So I use the editor
that doesn't waste my VALUABLE time.

Ed, man! !man ed

ED(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual ED(1)

ed - text editor

ed [ - ] [ -x ] [ name ]
Ed is the standard text editor.

Computer Scientists love ed, not just because it comes first
alphabetically, but because it's the standard. Everyone else loves ed
because it's ED!

"Ed is the standard text editor."
>> No.6907  
Here's a pretty cool editor
>> No.6908  
Does it support plugins? It seems pretty good though.
>> No.6942  
File: 1516945099533.webm -(4068124 B, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
hello linux thread, I just spent more of my precious youth debugging an e-mail system. fuck all I needed was 1 line
Now everything works and I'm really upset.

[spoiler]mutt[/spoiler] is a shite program and the debugging AUTH LOGIN is non-existent. I'd be better off using alpine

maybe I'll feel better in the morning

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