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61597 No.6813  
Does anyone want to eat breakfast/lunch at clark with me. I always eat alone and I need friends :( (Breakfast at 9, lunch at 12:15?)
>> No.6814  
I would, but I'm off that mealplan life, senpai.
I tend to eat alone at my apartment, though, cuz my flatmates and I don't usually eat at the same time, so I understand your pain.
Best of luck! I know a lot of people here are definitely still on mealplans!
>> No.6815  
I definitely would but I do not have a mealplan (*´∀`*)
>> No.6816  
>>6815 ((((っ´ω`)っ 多情多恨
>> No.6821  
Also the dining halls suck
>> No.6823  
>> No.7212  
test test test test test test test test test
>> No.8123  
Toss me one of your guest spots and sure.
>> No.8124  
Also friendless ATM. If you eat at Talley, I'll show up. I'll bring my own 2nd breakfast (1st is at home) or lunch w/me, since I too am too poor for that mealplan life.
>> No.8132  
This post is like 7 months old lmao. But I'll get lunch with you guys if you want <3
>> No.8375  
File: 1537154167213.jpg -(61949 B, 473x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8386  
>> No.8397  
holy shit this post is still alive, I could still find the friends that I once wanted lmao
>> No.8398  
I'm also looking for friends desu, I don't eat at dining halls but wouldn't mind packing my dinner in order to get some socializing time in before bedtime. Talley or one of the libraries could be a fun meetup, even for just sitting all together at a table and studying.
>> No.8436  
I would love to offer to sit with someone but I am terrified of potentially having to endure us awkwardly staring at each other the whole time
>> No.8438  
We can sit with them together, anon!
3's no crowd, 3's a party!

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