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12218 No.6414  
What do you children use to write your reports and shit?

Word 2003 sounding off
>> No.6415  
it's amazing
>> No.6416  
>>6415 🤢
>> No.6420  
File: 1512017116541.png -(162697 B, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i switched to libre office after using 07 office for 10 years...its pretty gud, though office is sleek
>> No.6511  
know of any good latex editors? i currently use word 2010 which has an equation editor that's pretty close to latex, but not quite the same level of functionality or sense
>> No.6512  
I use MikTeX but there's some online ones that work ok
>> No.6546  
>>6420 LibreOffice is what's pushing me to latex after an experience earlier in the semester. I had about an hour to finish a big assignment and print it, but suddenly using the program would cause a crash, log me out, and lose my work about every 10 minutes. Wtf.

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