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918423 No.6363  
if the regulations say not to give homework due in the last week, then why do all my professor assign work for the last week?
checkmate regulations
>> No.6506  
they say they can't assign new tests or projects in the last week. as long as they were assigned BEFORE the last week, they can still be due on the last week.

if your professors are seriously ASSIGNING new projects or tests on the last week, complain to the college you're in. i heard some professor in meteorology got removed from his teaching role partially over shit like that
>> No.6513  
Math grad department
they don't care
last week projects are the norm, announced or not
>> No.6514  
and by that I mean, given out just before thanksgiving
to be due during the last week
>> No.6515  
doesn't seem to be restricted to grad department. my ma305 prof didnt give us our project until just before thanksgiving break, and they were due on friday

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