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786069 No.6163  
>> No.6200  
There's nothing wrong with escapism
when every day feels like being punched in the face, what's wrong with filling yourself with good feelings?
>> No.6202  
File: 1510586447770.png -(620010 B, 1669x2189) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm always a little split on escapism
It seems that if it's in your grasp to do the things that you like, there's no reason in denying those feelings; just don't let them consume you and I think everything will turn out good enough
>> No.6217  
i personally find escapism a bit selfish, but that's because I tend to find significance in my life and feel like i have little time to waste on frivolities. There are plenty things I love that involve being active and present in the now, so I try to not let myself slip into the passiveness of escapism. It usually pans out terribly for me due to depression in any case, so I guess I'm really not the best person to ask about balanced self indulgence.
>> No.6227  
What always gets me about escapism is how hollow it feels. Like >>6200 says, it's nice when life feels like shit, but it's not fixing life being shit, you just hide from it for however long you can. When you leave your escape, life is right there waiting to punch you in the face again. I think >>6202 and >>6217 both make valid points about escapism's ability to consume you with passiveness and that's my real problem with it. When you indulge heavily in escapism, you take no action to make your regular life better/more interesting and since you can't fully escape the real world due to job obligations/general need to physically sustain yourself by some means, you're stuck in a depressive state as you are stuck in a shitty thing that you take no steps to improve and still have to return to.
So escapism isn't for me and I don't see it as a healthy thing, but no one can make someone take initiative in their life, that's always on them. The most anyone else can do is try to help so things are a little bit easier.
>> No.6261  
File: 1510765808490.jpg -(153745 B, 592x726) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>you just hide from it for however long you can
It feels like a lot of people do this. I think we can all find some inspiration in the things we escape to from time to time, because it's really what you want to do / want to accomplish that you see in your escape.
But I think *escapism* is the doing of too much escape, so it's not a good thing by its defn.
And I think to deny any fantasy would be [spoiler]nihilistic[/spoiler] at best
>what's wrong with filling yourself with good feelings?
desert comes after dinner, not before desu
>> No.6622  
File: 1513088668416.jpg -(15958 B, 478x277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I miss drinking coffee from a pot; all I've made this year is french press coffee
I'm sure this a psychologist's definition of masochism
>> No.6647  
I think for most of us struggling with escapism it's a significant cause and side effect of depression, but it seems like you mostly have that under control which is great. It seems like the two start reinforcing each other heavily once you reach a certain low point.
>> No.6666  
i spent like 45 mins lying on the couch in the basement in the dark staring at the ceiling and it was pretty relaxing. i regret not doing anything more often in the past semester. during free time my default state is on the computer

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