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73203 No.6153  
This is only vaguely philosophy, but it doesn't belong anywhere else. I wanted to make a thread discussing the latest art house films you've seen.

The past two days I watched The Virgin Spring and Ordet.
Ordet seriously bored me in its opening but by the end I was so engrossed that [spoiler]I cried during the wake scene[/spoiler]
It was very religious but I didn't feel like it was trying to convert me; even as an atheist the message was powerful
>> No.6218  
yeet, Im taking the rec, unintended as it is. As far as art hosue goes I haven't seem much, but I really want to see Tarkovsky's cinematography. a qt3.14 kraut once begged me to watch his stuff, so this is motivating me to get back on that.
>> No.6220  
the only films by him I've seen are Stalker and Solar; both were very enjoyable.

Since my post I've watched Socrate and Blade Runner 2049. BR2049 was enjoyable, also definitely better than the original, but it bothers me that Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep still doesn't have a faithful adaptation. That book is more filo than either movie.

Socrate was more or less a biographical movie of his last years. I liked it though.
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File: 1510875624839.gif -(504391 B, 500x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dreyer's Vampyr is really really nice
Kinda trancelike and spooky, makes you feel vunerable
[spoiler]if you're into that kinda thing[/spoiler]
>> No.6315  
Just watched Ridley Scott's The Duellists
extremely good cinematography
>> No.6359  
I watched Dogtooth and Lady Bird today
I recommend both

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