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so what is your experience with imageboards? Which chans and boards are your favorites? What's your take on meme magic, and what memes you can't absolutely stand?
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There's a handul of nice places on the internet. None of them sound like *chan tho
desu I've never really seen the appeal of a really big internet community, since you cannot have as intimate a relationship w/ people there

I think my favorite board here is >>>/rules/ since nobody can say anything and it never changes
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File: 1510440279290.webm -(813366 B, 854x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i like very old blogs about crappy movies so i can // because they're the only places i can find reviews of bizarre horror/kung fu dvds from 2004
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File: 1511287841095.jpg -(149971 B, 500x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I take it back I like textboards && irc 20,000x more than imageboards
small places are so fucking strange; cute, but it's weird to think about
I'll write a 20,000 page thesis about how much I can't stand the internet someday
>> No.6349  
I started browsing 4chan in 06 and have been on a bunch of smaller ones. Meme magic is so fucking cringe, same with praise kek etc. The latest forced meme soyboy is annoying as well.
>> No.6537  
File: 1512420240398.png -(1173118 B, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Started browsing cloverchan round Feb/March of 2012, primarily the HOARSEboard. lurking gradually shifted to /mu/ as the fandom declined. Personally I don't think there's a best board/chan/imageboard, its all just a matter of personal taste. Like overall clover has made me roll my eyes a lot more then reddit, but its also made me laugh a lot more too. I know its a hipster thing to say, but I do really think memes declined hard once it became "cool and mainstream" to like memes, granted I came in sort of late to the game. Back in the day when i had no friends I used to go on synctube with these shitposters and basically hung out there a lot in my free time. A lot of life wasted there, but its still a great site that people should know/use more.

These days I've been browsing /co/ and /mu/ mostly, but the /pol/ leaking has made both boards substantially worse. ""nu-males"" and ""soyboy"" memes are absolute fucking cancer and only show how the userbase of the website is still probably like 50% 14 YOs. /co/ doesn't really have that, but there's like 3 threads about Infinity Wars on the front page and god I dont fucking care.

other Shit tier memes- here come that boi, "damn daniel", pretty much all the facebook memes, vine compilations.

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