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989923 No.6055  
when is the cold gonna scares these guys away? i don't mind the usual preacher guy cause he's chill but the 'pray rosary to end abortion' and the anti-evolution guys are pretty annoying. they're not converting anyone-just yelling at clouds from where i'm looking.
>> No.6056  
The truly faithful care not for the distresses of the flesh!
[spoiler] But they never actually leave
I've been of a similar mind about the borderline-resident preacher, but I've talked to
some people who have had bad experiences. Apparently he's painfully traditional
in the roles of women and I've talked to people who have been made uncomfortable
by him glaring at them wearing pants or some such. I've never seen it, but I'm also
not of a demographic which would be targeted, so I have to go off their word.
>> No.6062  
not to be edgy, but someone glaring at you is not exactly what I'd call discomfort inducing usually. But eh, I think he's kind of useless. I always have my earphones in and hardly ever pass through the brickyard, so what he does is completely irrelevant to me. Then again, I see how it could annoy the people eating outside on sunny days.
>> No.6082  
the nice preacher has too many jackets to be scared away
>> No.6090  
I can't help

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