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209902 No.5989  
Who the FUCK are the people that sit in the student union all day?

Do they go here? If so, what are they majoring in? If not, who lets them camp out here EVERY DAY?
>> No.5991  
File: 1509996983197.jpg -(76682 B, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
am one yes
>> No.5992  
Prob polysci losers
>> No.5993  
>> No.5997  
People with shitty roommates love hanging out in places that aren't their rooms.
Some people also just can't study in their rooms due to distraction etc. so they do it elsewhere and don't always want to go to the library
But hey, that's life.
>> No.6018  
why does this bother you
>> No.6019  
Like I go to the student onion a lot but one channel of my headphones shorted and now I have to listen to everyone talk
>> No.6020  
File: 1510108086335.png -(262878 B, 540x378) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the real question is why do people go into the library and treat it like an extension of the student lounge? Is it because they're too "cool" to be around all the "nerds?"
It's bullshit bro
>> No.6021  
My bad, I didn't realize this board was for a specific uni lol
but still, sounds like a common problem at unis in general
>> No.6024  
It definitely is a problem in a lot of places
Upper levels of the library are always packed too.
desu I used to study in the library but it's such a weird atmosphere that I just sit down and do exercises wherever I am
>> No.6051  
speaking of study spots: I usually just hide away in one of the buildings and get comfy. Riddick is usually nice and quiet in the evenings, because the doors close at a certain time. I managed to get card access for research reasons, but I like to go in and take advantage of the silence and the empty classrooms. Studying around others freaks me out a bit, so this is the best thing for me.

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