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File: 1509045733504.jpg -(485275 B, 920x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
485275 No.5789  
Everywhere is kind of mediocre.
But somewhere has to be less mediocre than the rest, right?
>> No.5790  
I always go to a place on Western or Cameron village and have a picnic in my car. But I'm a commuter.
>> No.5791  
there's only one good place on western and it's the cookout
I've always been tempted to visit some of the foodtrucks that park on centennial for lunch but I've never been on that side of the new campus for much
I've never been to half of these places
the half that I have eaten at get boring very fast
>> No.5792  
I've been here for six years and the only on campus place I've eaten at was the creamery in dh Hill. Every other place was fast food on Western or Hillsborough.
>> No.5793  
>>5791 actually On the Oval is pretty nice
>> No.5795  
the calzones at the oval are pretty decent for the price
>> No.5796  
however, DP dough on tuesdays is a much better deal
>> No.5814  
In the oval is
>> No.5820  
pretty much all the campus food i've had i cant justify paying for it. it's just way too damn expensive. the only thing ill blow my wad on is the coffee rubbed brisket. that shit is the fucking best and i wish i had their recipe.
>> No.6004  
golden dragon ftw
>> No.6005  
File: 1510017048961.jpg -(24541 B, 560x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
almost went to the golden dragon today, ducked out to go to the cookout instead
>> No.6006  
Try going with someone who likes to cook a lot (and is good at it), odds are they can figure out the seasoning amounts etc. and then you just have to figure out the cooking.
>> No.6027  
File: 1510117668679.jpg -(55505 B, 640x829) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I went to the golden dragon today, it was very nice; I got two fortune cookies but I only opened one of them today since I'll save the other one for tomorrow
Good thing I'm not going to the library anytime soon
>> No.6050  
File: 1510178258194.jpg -(7417 B, 185x166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the la farm truck is gods cummies made delicious bread. 10/10 would reccommend. Even Dr. Evans knows the magic of that bakery, and he has good taste in food. That said I don't eat campus food unless im starving or severely undercaffeinated. Pro tip: get a little stovetop espresso maker and never depend on starbux for the caf fix.
t. italian
>> No.6228  
campus food is the worst; coffee houses are nice most of the time tho

do not get anything sweet from a coffee house though for your own well-being
>> No.6229  
But what if I value my heart's happiness over my heart's health? When I had a mealplan and felt like I needed something to make my day better, I'd go to Hill of Beans and get myself a white hot chocolate. That shit's liquid soul.
>> No.6285  
I will only ever get an americano from anywhere for as long as I live
>> No.6381  
american will aslways taste like crap to me and give me terrible jitters. Meanwhile straight espresso doesn't phase me.
>> No.6623  
Where will I eat without tuffy's over break?>>6623

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