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235338 No.5723  
Thirty minutes in the doctor's waiting room
>> No.5724  
The doctor is funny

Bantering with his assistant

Waiting to take x-ray

>> No.5726  
doctors > dentists

I've always had to wait ages to see an optometrist desu. Maybe they are very busy people
>> No.5727  
>> No.5729  
>> No.5730  
Bad connection
My posts are being cut

I told the doctor I took gram of ibuprofen. He asked me who told me to do that
>> No.5731  
Why do you need an x-ray? I hope it's nothing serious.
I've never had an x-ray done at a doctors office, just through my dentist.

That's a little spooky. Maybe your body got fed up with waiting for you to run, so it went ahead and got the pain over with.
>> No.5732  
Foot pain
Marathon in a week (worry)

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