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File: 1508365336986.jpg -(2079419 B, 2474x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2079419 No.5575  
I ended up putting Third Reich away. Too intimidating.
This is Revolution Games' Battle of Hastings.
>> No.5576  
aw fuck I just realized that the anniversary of the battle was a few days ago
I just got this on sale so I couldn't have played on the day of
>> No.5611  
and I just noticed I set up the anglo forces facing the wrong direction
>> No.5672  
File: 1508593105534.jpg -(1317163 B, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Harold and William see each other on the hill
>> No.5673  
File: 1508593261188.jpg -(1171528 B, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Harold looking lonely
>> No.5674  
William takes the field
Fun little game
>> No.5676  
File: 1508608181112.jpg -(1212848 B, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It come
>> No.5686  
File: 1508685645287.jpg -(2176878 B, 2560x1410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Waterloo 20 set up
>> No.5687  
It seems I'm accumulating a lot of warerloo games
>> No.5689  
File: 1508690498643.jpg -(1481321 B, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.5690  
Well I was really looking forward to the game but I did not enjoy it
The rules were difficult, but there a lot of little things
I was expecting a beer and pretzels game (system is Napoleonics 20 aka a game with 20 or fewer counters)
but it was a regular game with low counter density

rules weren't difficult*
The system is well received so I don't know what I'm not getting
>> No.5691  
Some of these look so involved and interesting, but I have no idea how I'd get good at games like that.

I'll make the big confession that I've never actually finished a game of RISK, usually sometime around midnight everyone is exhausted and ready to flip the table so we stop.
I like the idea of mechanically simple games that rely on a lot of goofy bartering and alliances, cliche as it may be Settlers of Catan is fun as hell.

>18 bullet points
At that point I'd feel more like I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh and probably find something else to play.

I know it's definitely a different direction, but have you ever played any more traditional RPGs? Dungeons and Dragons, and the like.
I've played a handful of campaigns with different groups of friends, I think I have the most fun with the unusual stuff, moving away from high fantasy
If you've ever wanted something different like that, check out Magical Burst, its really silly and can be REALLY fun if your players can write a good character.

I played a 5e campaign with some highschool friends this summer, and it became a slog pretty quick, once we realized the DM was pretty much pulling the entire campaign from the guidebook.
It kind of worked out though, since we had all written such ridiculous characters to try to make it fun.
Nah this was just a straight up railroaded playthrough from the handbook he wrote up, it got really weird a couple times since we ended up fistfighting our way out of his plan,
and at the next session he wrote the whole experience off as a dream and we played pretty much the same thing again, but the NPCs had ludicrous roll modifiers.

To be fair it was his first time DM'ing, he had gotten the idea for the whole thing from a podcast he listened to, but he didn't really prepare for us moving in different directions all the time.
He got a lot better later on with some fun sidequests he wrote for towns, and I think he could probably be a good DM if he keeps it up. Just a bit of a rocky start.
>> No.5692  
Games being involved are fine, games being tedious are annoying
It's usually a complexity of the mechanics versus number of mechanics
The former is fine for me, but too many mechanics turns games into a checklist
King Philips War has like 18 bullet points you go through every round

I have a 2e DnD group I DM for that meets 2-3 times per month
I've played other DnD stuff but not much non-DnD, although I want to start/join a Traveller group some time

Campaigns from a sourcebook are fine as long as it's not on the rails
The 80s and 90s had hundreds of modules released
my group played through The Keep on The Borderlands using Moldvay Basic rules

he's just a shit DM then. It's annoying when your players completely ignore what you prepared for as DnD campaigns tend to be story based
but forcing the players to do things sucks

I once prepared a festival session with games and events and gave in world reasons why they should stay rather than moving on
they tried to leave anyway and I told them they were staying for my fucking festival
honestly it feels like too much work
At least for a long running campaign. The module we did was nice, but keeping up on building story arcs is a bit exhausting. They finished the story arc and I kind of just wanted to break for a month, maybe play some board games
but they don't like playing board games
after the current arc I'm going to suggest switching to sci-fi or board games
it helps that someone else we know is going to DM a 5e game soon

Yea it bothers me. I can understand party/social board games, not even I like those too much, but there's a lot of good board games out there
>> No.5693  
Damn character limit

More than anything it was a reason to have the whole gang together whenever we get on breaks from school, so it's nice overall.

I can totally understand being a little forceful with players lol. Some things just have too much effort poured into them for your players to walk off on.
I guess that's part of being a good DM. Being able to let players walk away from things you spent a lot of time on. I think the real merit of a good DM is
writing these scenarios in a way that makes the players WANT to play it. I've never DM'd a campaign before, but I can't imagine the amount of work writing and preparing a good campain requires.

>they don't like board games
I've never actually met someone that enjoys DnD but not board games.
Dude sci-fi/modern campains can be REALLY fun. Less experienced players, and people that have a hard time writing their character in high fantasy tend to go WILD with contemporary campaigns

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