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10610 No.5448  
What happened to all the threads here?

Anyway, just got my ass kicked
ended with two blood blisters and blood in my sock.
>> No.5452  
Threads clean out after not being posted in for 10 days. What is an epic suffer score? do you want to maximize or minimize that number? [spoiler]maybe it is an s or m question~[/spoiler]
>> No.5454  
Strava generates suffer scores based on heart rate
the higher the number the harder the run was
I suppose for improvement you want to raise it
>> No.5492  
File: 1508046588120.jpg -(49816 B, 600x319) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
WOW you're a machine man
i need to get running again, it's been since the summer
sympathy for the runblisters though
i always used to end up carrying a couple bandaids in my pocket
>> No.5678  
after 9 years of perfect bowel control, my intestines finally got the best of me on the greenway near lake johnson (luckily i went off trail)
>> No.5695  
Damn that sucks. When I ran CC that was legit one of my biggest fears.
The worst I ever managed was puking after one of my first 5K's
>> No.5967  
OP here
I got injured right after doing that 20 miler
decided to still do the marathon yesterday
wasn't healed but somehow finished
that 20 miles pace: 8:06

this marathon: first 13.1 miles 8:17
overall 10:35
quite the wall, everything hurt
>> No.6025  
good job der

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