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76494 No.5403  
It's my birthday today
I have made no progress in life in the last year
>> No.5404  
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Did you do anything special today? I always like doing something either the weeknd before or after, but never on my birthday
My birthday is coming up in the next two weeks; I'll be [spoiler]21[/spoiler] >>5405
cute! There's never anything set-in-stone that I do; maybe I'll think of something before it rolls around
have you ever ordered the nuclear wings?
they're a+ but I always get them and regret it because you have to eat very slowly; would not recommend if you enjoy eating your food but if schadenfreude is more your thing then it's really fun to challenge someone to eat all the nuclear with you

but yeah really hot stuff rolls my stomach if I haven't eaten anything yet

fuvk it's raining really hard outside and there's no path back to my room where I don't get wet
>> No.5405  
Last weeknd I ate at a steakhouse, today the family came over for zaxbys and cake. This weeknd I'm going to see the new Blade Runner.
Eating zaxby's the day of if it's a weekday is a firmly held tradition
I don't know why because it always fucks up my stomach but it tastes good enough

I haven't. I always eat plain or mild, I can't eat very hot stuff without stomach issue.

As a birthday present, parents paid for a table from Amazon for my large board games. The only time option for delivery is "9am-9pm"
>> No.5503  
At least you aren't this guy

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