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22043 No.5342  
is anyone interested in forming a howler team for the intermural track meet on nov 7?
you can win an eternal glory t-shirt.
I can probably go like sub 4:50 in the mile, and you win moar points in relays.
>> No.5343  
I'm a distance runner but maybe
Actually I'm running a marathon on the 5th, no way I could do it
If it was a week before I could
>> No.5501  
When and where?
>> No.5502  
Nov 6.



I think actually im gonna do a 4x400m with some running club peeps in order to win a coveted intramural champs shirt
>> No.5504  
File: 1508112130114.png -(106618 B, 706x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But do you have the Take 8 at NC State shirt?
You have to take 8 recs to get it or know somebody that can get you one
>> No.5507  
This is my first year here, and im a grad student. Does taking 8 recs mean 8 rec classes? >_>
>> No.5719  
I think it's 8 classes
I've never seen the shirt tho
just my [spoiler]ultimate frisbee[/spoiler] talked about it
fucking // instructor
>> No.5734  
yo im not sure you should be fucking your instructor

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