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Hai /swt/,

Are you ever proud of something you've written, something like a letter or a program?
I grow to dislike [spoiler]and sometimes absolutely hate[/spoiler] almost every program I've ever written. I got into programming because it was fun & I stuck with it because it all felt very artful but really I don't feel either of those two things anymore

So is that it? Maybe I am aleady past my honeymoon or something, or maybe it was never really fun to begin with

Surely, you have to have felt the same way about something before? I've never felt quite so jaded
>> No.5344  
Just keep rewriting the program until you realize that programs aren't interesting because they're written in C or Java or Javascript or Node.js or whatever meme language or flavor of the month library it's written in.

Programs are interesting because they represent ideas.

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