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What are you /koding/, swt?

General programming and software discussion goes here!
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I want to produce an army of drones to end silicon valley """"culture"""".

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The only way to destroy the botnet, is through creating a botnet.
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What do you think about AI swt?
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Is free software the key to a free society?
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Behold, our lord and savior.
>> No.5078  
Should Iisp be my first language?
I would be more powerful than ever.
>> No.5081  
If you're starting out with programming, scheme is probably the best choice.
If you have a solid grasp of function composition from mathematics, you should be able to grasp scheme fairly well.
The one thing that's generally true about lisp dialects vs other programming languages is that there's not that many syntactic rules to remember in lisp, whereas in other programming languages you have to memorize the meaning and ordering of symbols.
>> No.5094  
I always hear people recommend python, is that just a "meme"?
>> No.5095  
File: 1506482163141.jpg -(4047 B, 320x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>5081 scheme as a first language is confusing
desu python is good first coding but please please please do not code exclusively in python; branch out into other languages as soon as you pick up the fundamentals
my first language was C but that's only because I had that spark of interest for low-level systems programming

just be good w/ a lot of languages and choose the right one for the job at hand
the only wrong choice for a first language is [spoiler]MATLAB[/spoiler]
this // bad get
use software that works well for you
>> No.5101  
File: 1506487175507.jpg -(91641 B, 500x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
MATLAB it is, thanks
>> No.5121  
JavaScript. Honestly, unironically.

It was a good recommendation once, but is not anymore.

Lisp is good pick, if you want to learn lisp in general. Not so much, if you just want to learn how to program.
>> No.5122  
There's no such thing as AI. Only advanced statistical methods and simulations.
>> No.5132  
One day, Master Foo and one of his students were walking on the beach.
Master Foo was giving advice to his student on his graduate project.
The student asked "Machine learning is cool and all, but it's just numbers, there's no way computers could ever express the complexity of the human mind!".
Master Foo was taken aback at this statement, then smiled.
Master Foo drew some numbers into the sand, '5024', then asked the student what it meant.
The student replied "They're just numbers, it could mean anything!".

Master Foo responded: "Yes."
>> No.5133  
>>5132 >>5024
>> No.5135  
File: 1506552616377.jpg -(17209 B, 396x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Supporting Free Software is an integral part of building a good future for us and generations to come. Why? The reason is simple. Proprietary ideologies are the enemies of human progress. If we, as a species, cannot contribute to the world, then we will never advance. Transparency is paramount. How can we ensure that the biological augmentations we receive in the future function as they are supposed to without reviewing and auditing the code?

Let's say you needed a pacemaker to live. It is sold by a company that has made the source code proprietary and closed. The unit you have is known to have a bug that causes it to give out at random intervals, but this was discovered after your doctor prescribed you this unit. There are no other units available. The company responsible for the production of your unit has simply stated: "We're working on it."

How is this in any way acceptable? Your life is in constant mortal danger because of the company's unwillingness to patch the bug. This would never happen if the code and hardware were released under the GPL.

Build a better future. There is no reason to support the opponents of Freedom.
>> No.5295  
Are you ready for the IoT, /swt/?
>> No.5313  
god help us
>> No.5324  
File: 1507197636206.png -(26764 B, 435x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yes, the only thing I need now, is more wireless pollution.

Can't wait for times when stuff will be so "interneted" and feature rich, that hacking them to kill or hurt people will be a thing.
Are you hyped, too?
Gotta crash a bunch of smart cars. Or an internet wargame, where you get more points, by scoring more kills and injuries through hacking smart stuff! The more innocent the device of death, the bigger the score multiplier.
>> No.5345  
Hacking a smarttoothbrush(TM) sounds fun.
We don't even have to wait for
>> No.5346  
apparently spoilers don't work on links
>> No.5400  
Web Assign is a disgrace to all mankind and any achievements mankind has accomplished since two million years ago. Honestly WebAssign is like that really bad sexual experience you had as a young child where an adult touched you. It stays with you for the rest of your life and will never go away. You can go through all the counseling you want and talk to anybody you choose but you will never forget WebAssign. The worst part is that usually you never have the same sexual experience again, but with WebAssign it is a weekly occurrence. Imagine experiencing being touched week after week and have no choice unless your going to give up on life, by buying a rope from bunnings, going back to university, tying the rope to the ceiling in the study center, standing on a table and jumping off with the rope strung around your neck. The only way to forget web assign is the easy way out....
>> No.5402  
>>5400 Webwork >> WebAssign
>> No.5430  

are you ready /swt/?

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