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2693913 No.4876  
Hello friends
You may have noticed that all of howler's core service were down this morning. Or maybe you didn't. In either case, we're on-line again

The problem is that the campus IP lease from last year rolled over last night at 00:20; the problem has been solved as of 5 minutes ago

You can be assured that your imageboard will never die; if we're ever down for some time, it won't be for long. I won't let anybody or anything keep us down for very long
>> No.4877  
my hope will never die
>> No.4878  
File: 1506116971182.jpg -(197989 B, 799x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The loss of shitposting time offends me
>> No.4880  
is she cumming? wtf?

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