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135852 No.4788  
What do you think of the student media around campus (things like the Technician, Nubian Message & things)?

I just noticed this comic in the Technician and I think it's really cute!
>> No.4836  
The student media are a bit prosaic and not really controversial enough or interesting enough to read.
>> No.4844  
I get a gud chuckle from the police blotter. its like the most inane stuff
>> No.4889  
Is there any remarkable student media on-campus other than the Technician & the Nubian Message; nothing else gets much publicity
Outside of media, I know there are a few pockets of degeneracy like [spoiler]here[/spoiler], the wolf web (https://thewolfweb.com/), and the fucking subreddit
>> No.4895  
In 6 years I don't think I've seen an article on either worth reading
>> No.4897  
>>4889 https://thewolfweb.com/
>> No.4912  
Daily reminder: there is nothing wrong with Reddit.

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