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I would like to make a case for KD who just plays more efficient for a whole season and who could dominate a game like Lebron if he wanted to. Best one on one player in NBA no doubt. Better defensive numbers on a warriors team who has no post defense. The only thing he is missing compared to Lebron is passing. He is bound to win the championship this year and probably next year to tie himself with Lebron in terms of championships and Lebron is on the decline and will have to play more meaningful minutes as he makes up for the defensive faults of IT. Lebron will be gassed by the playoffs. And will have little energy in the finals as the conference finals against the celtics is going to be more of a challenge than last year. I see KD becoming even more efficient this year and be able to offer more assists as the team chemistry continues to develop. He will be unstoppable 1-on-1.

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