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Discuss Marxism, why do people think Bernie had any chance of implementing socialism in a abhornetly Capitalistic society? Free is more taxes, how do people not think this through?
>> No.4745  
But CampusAnon, we don't live in a capitalist society. We live in a corporatist, plutocratic society in which the laws that govern the market are rigged for the rich.
Because it's simple to herd the upper and lower class plebs with left/right politics over income tax. From the perspective of the working poor, it's not Zuckerberg or Bill Gates that's the super rich that should pay more taxes, it's the """rich""" doctor that lives two neighborhoods away that needs to suffer (because how dare he make 3x more income). From the perspective of the high income earner, it's not the big businesses that should pay more corporate tax, it's the working poor who aren't carrying their weight.

Class politics in general were never meant to unify the masses under a common banner, instead it is a tool to wreak havoc on a society and keep the plebs divided, so that the elite can stay in control.
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The endgame is permanence for the luxury class, and impermanence for the working class. Not even your money will be allowed to buy anything, only rent. Even your lifespan will be a manifestation of your status.
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There was a man that had an answer to this.
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