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File: 1505778799664.jpg -(802214 B, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hello friends,
It is a pleasure to say that the big-boy site that I run (https://bm.howler.space) and develop constantly will be holding an open-house event for the next month, where you can tour around the site and use all the features and sign-up if it's your kind of place

At https://bm.howler.space, you can
• Have an e-mail account (name@howler.space)
• Have access to all of our dragon ball z, tv, and kung-fu films
• Skim through the lecture notes that I keep up-to-date every week
• Wack off about your favorite japanese characters on hooYa, the in-house booru
• Wack off acout statistics about your favorite japanese characters on hooYa metrics
• Check server info about the computer that runs all of this!

Unfortunately, our 8 terabytes of storage are off-line; they will be back up in a few weeks, so that means you cannot see all of our dragon ball z yet!
I look forward to having more friends around!
>> No.4672  
ah, forgot to say that you can create an account here:
Sorry if it's a little hard to find, the site is always getting new features and I'm always trying to organize it better

Making an account ensures that you can keep access to it all, as the site is typically log-in only

Half of the pride of this site is the 8TB of drives that are connected to it, and it's ubfortunate that they are being maneuvered around right now but I'll be sure to tell you when it's back on-line!
>> No.4716  
I signed up. The email was acting all funny though.
>> No.5168  
File: 1506643098002.jpg -(113554 B, 1050x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Open registration will end on Wednesday, October 4th
You will need to make an account to continue browsing the site, because I am adding all the dragon ball z back to the site and I refuse to catch a DMCA for hosting essentially what is a private FTP

I really like Matoi Ryuuko's high-tops
>> No.5279  
File: 1506966636289.gif -(1967257 B, 576x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
is this the official theme song of bm.howler.space?

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File: 1507613104179.png -(1931558 B, 1000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm pleased to say that every season of King of the Hill is available for your pleasure at
Make sure to log-in before you @ me with "But there's nothing there!"

If you want to invite your friends, make sure they're not going to be rude first, then use
to gen an invite key; hassle me in the IRC (howler.space:6667 #bigtown) if the site-wide invite cooldown ever goes too high

Oh, and check out our collection of [spoiler]kung-fu[/spoiler] movies here
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File: 1507654405062.jpg -(348216 B, 728x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Mail should be fixed
By fixed, I mean that I threw away the old interface and wrote some instructions at
I suggest using [spoiler]Outlook[/spoiler] on MS/Windows, but Thunderbirb works just as well

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