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103304 No.4657  
Hi /ncsu/,
Do you have to use a computer for school? Like ,what kind of things do you do on the daily for class & stuff that you need softwares for??

I use Matlab every other week or so for projects; one of the silliest things I had to use was a java virtual machine that runs the imaginary LC3 architecture for ECE109
Otherwise, I like to [spoiler]code[/spoiler] on my computer [spoiler]fucking help me~[/spoiler]
>> No.4658  
I'm a grad student and the department provides a macbook. I only use it for latex and matlab.
>> No.4659  
the dept. provides computers? that's pretty neat; I'm sure it's so that you don't have to buy a locense for w/e proprietary math software there is out there

I hate using matlab!
>> No.4660  
I have heard from undergrads that yall hate maple software. I use that stuf all the time for grad. dont let calc make you hate it.

this message has been brought to you by maple
>> No.4661  
File: 1505764427222.jpg -(66148 B, 605x616) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
maple aa fuuck
well actually it's just that all the calculus courses mandate it, and every engineer on god's green earth has to pass calc I, II, III which all use a maple autograding system which is wacky at best
desu never used Maple seriously
>> No.4662  
I occasionally use maple for symbolic math purposes, but the program itself isn't very good
>> No.4663  
how do I into Algebraic Geometry on MATLAB?

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