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File: 1505500068475.jpg -(76494 B, 1080x709) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
76494 No.4590  
Pretty sure I just failed an exam
>> No.4593  
File: 1505504985288.jpg -(66202 B, 640x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
welcome to the club! I guess we'll only know when test results float out

For my EE class I high-fived some guys on the way out because we were sure we'd be there together for summer school after that final exam was graded, but somehow we all passed
Thanks, absurd curve
>> No.4594  
I was unable to finish. Makes failure feel more likely.
>> No.4596  
this is pretty much the worst, I hate when I'm working as fast as I feel comfortable and I still don't have time to finish
>> No.4598  
These kind of tests scare me the most.
The worst is when you finish the first large problem on a test and check your watch to see that youve used like half of your time up.
I feel like I work well under pressure, but you can only be so crunched for time before you panic.
>> No.4606  
Yea there was no clock in the room, the professor wasn't writing the time on the board, and I didn't have a watch
I was about halfway through when someone asked for the time and we had 14 minutes left
so depressing
>> No.4608  
buy a watch dumbass
>> No.4609  
I have one but I wasn't wearing it
I've never been so strapped for time
>> No.4617  
>> No.4618  
I dont think ivr taken my watch off in weeks
>> No.4646  
>>4608 Watches are for wimps, just work through the test at max speed and get everything correct.
>> No.4648  
File: 1505684610983.png -(817334 B, 1920x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If I go too slow I get a 0% but most of the time I'm done before class is started

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