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How do we reconcile Stirners concept of the Spook and Nietzsches promulgation that metaphysical ethic/morality must come from within?

Whats the way to measure these individual ethics? Is there such a way? Was Nietzsche right? Is Will and power the only way to differentiate between these ethics?
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IF we're to take Nietzsche's "from within" principle and Stirner's spooky proposition, that must mean we are all spooky people deep down inside

I really enjoy Nietzsche's advice that we must find the courage to climb mountains from within us. Unless you're content to sit at the base and listen to philosophers yell from the mountain-top I find this the best way to approach it: ferment the desire and your courage comes naturally

I've been reading him for a while and really every time I encounter it, I find that the will to power takes on a different meaning for me every time. Is his text just so airy and continental [spoiler]like a German Confucius[/spoiler] or is the continental tradition always full of these phrases?
I've also never sat down and read The Ego and His Own so I'm really not sure how to connect Knee-cha and Stirner
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What strikes me as interesting about Stirner is that he essentially reached the post-modernist distinction of individuality. Individuals are sovereign, and any choice that they make is a correct one, regardless of anything around them. This is a direct presupposition of the existence of the individual, otherwise, are we just animals? Automatons that can be give // given a sequence of inputs and then be expected to follow out some routine?

There are people that think that, funnily enough. But hard determinists are silly people.

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forgot a fun pic
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And as to the Nietzsche being a German Confucius, I like that comparison. Ive been reading up on neo-confucianism and confucianism for a class . Theres Yang Wangming, a 16th century neo-confucian that has ideas that are similar to Nietzsche's, but whose thread has yet to be cut with respect to its ancient lineage.
Still unpacking that myself.

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