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801243 No.4376  
It flipped
I have long realized that marriage is necessary to long term happiness. As such, I am making my marriage proposal to kuroneko public.
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1. Ayayayayayase
2. Kyousuke
3. Kuro
I'm going to stop here because the rest of the characters are not worth enumerating
I sincerely hope there is not anyone that thinks manami is in a contest for any title other than worst girl
>> No.4378  
Kuroneko is the best girl obviously
Manami is the worst
The rest are pretty subjective somewhere in between
There are some unfortunate deranged people who like Manami
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>> No.4416  
>Manami is the worst
I honestly would put her right behind Ayase in terms of "having done the least wrong"
Yeah she's a retarded sociopath but at least shes not a sisterfucker
>> No.4419  
I would rather love a brotherfucker than a retarded sociopath
>> No.4420  
This is generally where the debate polarizes. I feel like Manami only ever had the best intentions, but she was just a retard like all kids are.
But the entire Kyousuke/Kirino dynamic makes my skin CRAWL. It's really weird and unnatural but a lot of fans play it up to be normal
I think my real problem is that I hate Kirino's character down to her very core and don't really believe that she deserves fulfillment like that.

>VN canon
nigga he gets them ALL pregnant at some point in the VN. That shit's FUCKED

I think it's kind of hard for there to be a "good show" for incest discussion, mostly because anything made to sell to that crowd is ripe with shit tropes and bargain-bin escapism.
>> No.4423  
Well yes, the Kirino/Kyousuke dynamic is bad because kirino is a god damn abuser. She's extremely physically violent, all tsun and no dere, is demanding, has that mary sue "I'm perfect at everything I try my hand in", demeans others, etc. This is why it grates me when people refer to her as the best girl. Oreimo is not a good series to have the incest discussion because even if kirino was not blood related (which is the visual novel's canon), she would still be a horrible choice.
But Manami is still a sociopath
As much ire they receive, The Da Capo visual novel series does incest routes better. Some are non-blood related, but the ones that are aren't horrible choices in and of themselves.
I was trying to think of an dragon ball z (interesting word improver) but I couldn't. Visual novels do the trope better in general.
Anee-may in general is pretty tripe and filled with stupid stereotypes. I think I'm down to maybe 1-2 shows per year at this point.

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