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190822 No.4260  
What is /filo/ reading?
Me: The White Devil by John Webster
A tragedy, although not really philosophy
Just came upon this gem:
>"women are caught as you take tortoises, she must be turned on her back"
>> No.4274  
File: 1504497086979.gif -(272220 B, 432x589) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've // enjoy reading Nietzsche's canon, published material
I try to not read too much philosophy anymore, ; tragedies are very pleasing to read: I try to watch something when given the chance as opposed to reading it, esp. with operas and tragedies
>> No.4285  
Yea I love reading plays and then watching several adaptations of it in a row to compare performances
Unfortunately The White Devil has no screen adaptations
Next I will read (The Tragedy of) the Duchess of Malfi, which has some BBC productions
>> No.4299  
I wonder, is there something like a play reading group at State?
Although I would probably be too socially anxious to attend
>> No.4309  
Just finished reading the Duchess of Malfi.
Hopefully will watch the two BBCs this week.

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