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2487483 No.4239  
Do you like to go on walks? I only like to when it's sunny outside!
>> No.4240  
File: 1504408593149.png -(41312 B, 362x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Going outside in the sun isn't fun. It's hot and gross.

In fact, the only tolerable form of light is the light of a monitor, and even that can be annoying at times.
[spoiler]in fact, it's rumored that some people keep their monitor at max brightness. What heathens![/spoiler]
>> No.4253  
Do you like the fall? There's not as much to make you hot and gross in the fall
>> No.4261  
Yes, fall is the perfect balance between hot and cold. Spring is for normals.

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