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No seasons have started so there's no interesting teams to talk about

While we wait, what's your favorite sport? I like basketball because it's so
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I fucking love hockey, but I watch a lot of baseball too. The only basketball I keep up with is UK and NCSU and that doesnt start for a while.
I know its not a "real" sport, but I keep up with motorsports more than anything else, and that's due to slow down a lot too, with Indy coming to a close for the year
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File: 1504127664437.jpg -(172981 B, 719x516) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
[spoiler]call me assistant coach[/spoiler]

i like watching pretty much any sport desu, but i'm best //only good// at competitive running eheheh

hockey is pretty sick, i scored a puck the first college hockey game i went to

used to tailgate a lot of football in my hometown, i kinda miss it
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>>4174 PR's or you didnt happen
>> No.4201  
You right

Btw I worded this poorly, I caught a puck that shot into the audience, I wasn't playing or scoring on the ice lmao

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