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21967 No.4118  
What's motivating you /filo/? As in, why are you keeping up a hobby, going to the office everyday, studying a trade, going to school?

Does it fulfil you, or is it a sacrifice for your future self? Or is it just out of boredom, for fun?
>> No.4120  
Because I may as well keep going and see what happens. I've had my fair share of scrapes with death and all sorts of bizarre and nasty experiences - by this point I just consider it to be a matter of pushing on and being grateful for the fact that I'm still here.
>> No.4121  
Nothing really. But the only thing worse than doing something without motivation is doing nothing.
>> No.4122  
For me, it feels like that drive changes day-to-day;
>> No.4123  

anyway I guess I might as well enjoy it while I'm a student, because it sounds like lot of people don't realize how much fun they had until they've finished their undergraduate
but like in the OP, sometimes I think it's a sacrifice for the future as well becuase [spoiler]student loans っっっっっっっっっっっっっっw[/spoiler]. I had the opportunity to intern this summer, which was a remarkable change since I'd only done a summer semester or just worked on personal projects for summers before: I found that working can be a fun way to pass the time that you'd only be wasting otherwise, because it seems that a lot of time can be burned just browsing the internet
>keep going and see what happens
this is always interesting; I've taken it on recently to do more things that I like, so it happens that a lot more fun things happen
>> No.4196  
Money. It's all about money.
As long as I have income, I can spend it to benefit in the future.
A simple trade of time for money.

Also >>4121
One needs something to do, to stay sane. Even if work might be seeming to drive you insane, nothing is as bad as nothingness.

If we don't go forward, if we don't climb up, where else can we go?

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