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237731 No.4079  
Hi /filo/

What are your thoughts on role-models? Are // Do you think it's important to have someone to look up to?
>> No.4088  
File: 1503945386849.jpg -(280476 B, 1079x1069) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think Richard Stallman is pretty cool.
He makes free software and doesn't afraid of mega-corporations.
>> No.4090  
Stallman is, I think, just the most visible head of a movement that's far subtler than he is. Or more accurately I think he's been inflated into a [spoiler]meme[/spoiler] which ofc doesn't respect his values. Or maybe he really is just an eccentric and hard-to-pin-down person, possibly hinted at by this rare // clip
>> No.4091  
File: 1503946960706.jpg -(51938 B, 709x984) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anyway is stallman a "philosopher"

I wouldn't say so because his only really strong convictions are on software and he seems very disinterested in the other things a philosopher or pyschologist would find interesting
>> No.4096  
Having clear role models
>> No.4116  
File: 1504027878216.jpg -(49221 B, 552x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.4162  
>>4091 I would consider him a digital sociologist of sorts, and a rather accurate one at that. Most all of his predictions in the preceding years on the topic of the handling of private data by corporations and government have come true. Any sort of speculation on societal interactions requires some sort of philosophical input, so I think it is safe to say he has elements of a philosopher in him.
>> No.4163  
I'm absolutely infatuated with Jimi Hendrix. The man had an insightful mind. Role models are by no means necessary, but they help to illuminate the path to your desired mode of consciousness - especially when you're isolated and/or isolated and need to look at the life of another to find the ideals that best suit you.
>> No.4164  
>>4163 *and/or alienated
>> No.4167  
ah, that does make some sense
>isolated and/or alienated
the point that you can hold someone as a role-model means you're not as isolated as it may seem, because at the very least you know of them; an isolated person would be oblivious of their existence

Do you think there's ever a time that you'd outgrow a role-model? In your words, I imagine this question could be asked equivalently:

Is there some time where you've achieved that "desired mode of consciousness"?

at least the one that a role-model leads you to? For myself, I deliberately never hold my role-models as the perfect people, but I look up to them still. [spoiler]it's a little embarassing talking like this but still~[/spoiler]
>> No.4347  
I thought Jacob Appelbaum was pretty cool until it turned out he wasn't pretty cool.
I thought the same of Julian Assange for a while too.
Role models seem kind of silly for moral guidance. If you want to do what's right, just do some research and figure out what's right. If you happen to have the same belief as a serial killer does on some topic or another, well, that's completely unrelated to the topic.
What _role_ does a role model play? What do they do?
>> No.4412  
>What _role_ does a role model play?
As an actor, a role model lives to his/her own tune
So, not much different than they normally would if they were not well-known

It's not what they do, but how they are seen (which is in some cases outside their power, sometimes completely in their control)

So don't look to models as grounding rods, but ground yourself first

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