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41268 No.4077  
Any runners here?
I'm not on the team but I do local races. City of oaks soon.
>> No.4086  
File: 1503940458520.jpg -(52512 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cross country + track all through high school
Did the City of Oaks 10k last year for Run Conditioning class, might do it this year too!
It was fun!

[spoiler]they say it helps to imagine you're being chased
>> No.4087  
I've always wanted to do the run conditioning class but the times never worked for me
>> No.4089  
There's always a lot of people running around campus [spoiler]but maybe they're just late for class[/spoiler]
run conditioning is a+; I did it during the summer and I liked it a lot but I'm not sure how the class sizes are during the usual term
>> No.4092  
Me the guy doing my marathon training on campus running between people
>> No.4101  
you should join thee running club. meets @ 6pm @ miller field enterance
>> No.4102  
I thought about it but I like doing my running in the morning. Also I live off campus and I'd get home late
>> No.4386  
I ran 17 miles
I still feel empty

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