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Hello everyone, welcome to /filo/, the board for both big and small questions. Do not hesitate to take a part in our discourse!
Some guidelines:
- Keep discourse civil and open
--- this does not mean you cannot call something "complete bullshit", but just remember to keep an ounce of politeness around
- Non-content is not welcome
--- this is not your dad's imageboard
- Take time to read and consider before posting, because we'd rather not watch you form your opinions in real-time

In short, I hope that you all enjoy /filo/! If there's something you'd like to discuss or field, make a thread for it!
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Is Ayn Rand politics or philosophy?
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the rule is very broard but it's purpose is solely to prevent conversation from degrading into unintelligible [spoiler]pepe posting[/spoiler]
so yes it does apply

just take drive a Rand conversation like you'd steer a discourse on Hobbes and I'm sure you won't get flamed or laughed at
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Then does the political posting rule apply?

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