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86477 No.4048  
What's the best sweet tea in NC? Do you like strong tea flavor? Less sugar or more? Do you ever make your own?

Pic related, best in za warudo
>> No.4053  
I brew my own tea occasionally, but it's usually green tea
>> No.4054  
Smithfield Chickem And Q Has Slighted Me And I Shall Destroy
>> No.4056  
Smithfield C&BBQ always messes up my order
Bojangles is better
>> No.4061  
I typically brew sweet tea with about half the suggested sugar, and I'll normally cut really sweet tea with the iced tea when I go out to eat. It tastes a lot more like sweet tea that way
smithfields is good, but some of the food has the tendency to be very greasy. bbq sandwich for life
>> No.4062  
That's the best part
Zaxbys is good for the same reason
I can't eat it without an upset stomach
>> No.4064  
whaddabout cheerwine? im from 500 miles away and have never heard of it until seeing it in stores
>> No.4065  
>>4056 You can't get barbecue at bojangles senpai
>> No.4073  
There's nothing intrinsically good about bbq.
>> No.4084  
This is incorrect. Pulled pork is why god put us on this planet.
>> No.4085  
>> No.4095  
File: 1503947976918.jpg -(152043 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>500 miles away
500 miles from the closest smithfields? Cheerwine: born in the south, raised in a glass. Somebody's marketing dept did right because that's a solid slogan

anyway cheerwine is very good but steer clear of the diet cheerwine. and don't treat it like a real drink because it's not; it's more like a deseet where you shouldn't drink too much for your modesty

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