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353314 No.4029  
Does ncsu even have enough weebs for an imageboard weebs for an imageboard
>> No.4030  
My phone doesn't like the live posting
>> No.4031  
its a STEM school after all
[spoiler]plus i dont think howler is solely for animeposting
>> No.4033  
File: 1503789583172.jpg -(151201 B, 1440x603) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I forgot what words are in the word improver
>> No.4049  
I'm a weeb but I hate liveposting, so
>> No.4050  
So I don't post here very often.
>> No.4051  
>>4050 See admins this would just be the one post if it wasn't a liveboard. Nows it's both less asthetic and more tedious to type out.
>> No.4052  
Yea live boards kind of suck
Not to mention mobileposting tends to mess up
>> No.4057  
b-b-but it's different!

>Not to mention mobileposting tends to mess up
if you can describe how it's messing up maybe the admins can find a way to make it better.
from what i understand they've modified some of the liveboard code as it is. maybe they can make it better for you guys

>> No.4058  
File: 1503871034594.jpg -(290965 B, 1400x1264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I like the real-time aspect of liveboards; I think that after a while you'll come to like it too!
>mobileposting tends to mess up
It's the walking around and changing wireless access points that really drops you in the middle of posting. One thing I'm going to try out when I finish some EE hw is to adjust the websocket timeout s.t. a weak wireless signal doesn't drop posts as often, because the wireless around campus is not that great
mine too
sometimes I have to stop walking to fun post which is a real hassle. Works a lot better on my laptop though; you can check one out from the library at http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/techlending/laptops-netbooks
Ah. Doushio's development stopped some time ago, so I understand that if you didn't like it to start with that your opinion would ever change.
the idea of committing the last 2 words felt like too little space so I patched it so that limit is configurable. We're running with a 4-word commit space which I think is nice but we can also do new-line commits. But then it feels too much like an irc and we already have one~
>> No.4059  
Eh, I posted on doushio for years and never fell in love
I think live posting is a love or hate thing
>> No.4060  
Well everything about doushio stopped some time ago
Negative growth with the same 10 posters since 2010
The problem I have with live posting is I like to draft my posts and proof them
Unless it's a low effort shitpost of course
>> No.4063  
Actually I do have a suggestion
Allow new threads without OP images
>> No.4191  
>>4063 It's an image board...
>> No.4193  
Yea? It wouldn't be the first to allow it.
>> No.4214  
you'd be really surprised how many degenrate people there are; you might be able to write it off as "I'd know if I saw them" but it's actually really hard to pick one out of a crowd

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