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32219 No.3930  
I've been thinking about getting a set of skates to get around campus. Not really to get around easier, but I feel like it would be fun.
How do you get around campus? Would you recommend it to others?
>> No.3933  
nah fuck that just naruto run everywhere
>> No.3934  
I actually just do >>3933 but a pair of skates might be nice
in-line ofc; make sure to get a haircut regularly, otherwise the mullet might make it feel like you belong in this video
>> No.3974  
a lot of people seem to take either longboards or bikes
just watch out for those holes in the brick paths, because there's a lot of them
>> No.3975  
What happened anons? Everyone looked so happy and comfy in that video.
Were the 80's the greatest era?
>> No.3977  
File: 1503591182870.webm -(4500259 B, 328x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
something definitely went wrong around 2005

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