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118421 No.3872  
Are you taking any on-line classes? I'm taking [spoiler]ENG 331[/spoiler] as one of those weird half-online classes and it doesn't feel as interactive as a real class could be

And then there are fully on-line classes. I guess you take those if you can't fit something into your schedule, or if you really really really don't want to sit in that class or if you don't want the professor
>> No.3879  
Who with?
>> No.3880  
[spoiler]De Haas[/spoiler]
there's so many people spread across the (4?) sections that I can't keep track of anybody
at least class is just once a week
>> No.3882  
I took it last semester, it was a good class.
If you take the material in
>> No.4009  
It sounds like the most useful ENG class that engineers have to take. At least someone wisened up and had us take a class about professional comms

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