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63746 No.3720  
Do you ever get to have class outside?
The best I get is the window seat. Where do I enroll in the outside geometry class?
>> No.3737  
I had lots of class outside in highschool. It's fun when we don't need to do anything and go for a free day, but it's shit when we did. It was an english class so we didn't need to write much, but the wind would blow us to the wrong pages so we had to keep a constant awkward hold on them. If you were doing geometry and stuff it would suck if you had more than one piece of paper. Plus it's bright out and _someone_ would have to look at the sun in some capacity unless you went to the park-kind of areas. Class would have to meet indoors on rainy days anyway, and if it was looking like it might/might not rain, it would have to be held indoors lest rain mess up everyone's stuff suddenly.
Plus the temperature is uncomfortable for like all of summer, 80% of fall, all of winter, and 80% of spring.
>> No.3739  
actually books outside would be a big hassle
outdoor philosophy would be very helpful I think, but you might have the group of little nihilsts that normally sit in the corner run off to play kickball or something half-way through class
>> No.3750  
Where I grew up it constantly rained so it was a giant pain in the ass to have class outside. Now I think the heat would just be distracting to learn in so I guess there's no winning. Maybe if it were a gym class it would be fine but otherwise outside class just seems sucky.
>> No.4046  
>Plus the temperature is uncomfortable for like all of summer, 80% of fall, all of winter, and 80% of spring.
I wouldn't mind having class in the snow. Not that it snows a lot around here or anything; but I agree that most of the summer is intolerable
I like the fall wind a lot too

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