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109192 No.3538  
Do you listen to a lot of music, /ncsu/?
Do you listen to a lot of different music?
Do you listen to a lot of the same music?

Tell us about it!
>> No.3539  
I like to listen to soulbeat and hip-hop I found out recently. If you catch me at a stop sign then most likely I'm bumping
Tell us about it!

I also like electrohouse things like


this is very relaxing also


tell me about your taste! I

I'm sure it's changed over time~
>> No.3548  
I don't like to admit it but I like when jazz and hip-hop intersect

also sampling アニメ is what I get off to
there's 20,000 producers that can mix music like this but I don't care because it's BGM
>> No.3596  
File: 1495489475073.jpg -(31962 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
my big things nowadays are japanese grindcore nonsense and noise punk



[spoiler]conga fury is fem fronted! :O i want her to kick my ass![/spoiler]

i also like shoegaze, noise rock, the weirder creepier avenues of 70s [spoiler]dad[/spoiler]rock, and pretty much anything else that's minor key, lofi, and guitar centric


[spoiler]shhhh i like jazz/hop and アニメ lo-fi too[/spoiler]


shitty disco things, eerie ambient things, and weird folky things are good too

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