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File: 1495059059922.jpg -(90719 B, 383x852) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
90719 No.3511  
Have you tried the new css in options→themes that I based off the old ncsu counterstrike server website?
There are a lot of other cool themes that you might like in there as well

If you have any ideas for other css sheets/themes that you'd like to see implemented, drop them here~
>> No.3517  
I am now using NCSU CS theme.
Its beautiful
>> No.3518  
File: 1495145980713.jpg -(265467 B, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
here's a fun fact: howler used to run a counterstrike: source server!
we still have the source actually, because we'd invested so much time and love into the plugins we didn't want it to be lost forever

We had an item store (which was hell to set up) and quake sounds and admin T and CT skins and a cute math game

but I guess I was too embarassed to advertise about it~
>> No.3532  
It has to come back. I bet if the site took off it wouldn't be too hard to populate a CSS server.
>> No.3533  
load it up with nipper maps


also i made this map but a lot of it broke in one of the valve updates
just make sure you have that adblocker enabled and javascript disabled

>also the party city map looks kickass
a lot of his maps are really only super fun if you've played them a lot or there's a lot of people in the server
but party city is real good shit for any number of players no matter how many times they've played them. it's very too the point and hiding in the bathroom stalls is always fun

i also like doomhouse (>>>/watch?v=SeBjr8Bm_wA), hairyhouse, the maps in the arena pack, and clue
apparently oops
>> No.3534  
"Not a house that is hairy, but a house for a guy named Hairy."

got me
I believe this one has a sleigh that glides in with CTs on it
I had a lot of fun playing this one

also the party city map looks kickass
>> No.3540  
>> No.3542  
i prefer counter-struck >>>/watch?v=obFiwNY0kAA
>> No.3543  
File: 1495292886132.jpg -(247872 B, 888x1118) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
those are the sickest hostage skins I have ever seen

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