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File: 1494709222452.jpg -(128636 B, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
128636 No.3453  
There's a new place for enlightenment and intellectual discussion on the internet
conversation feels a lot different from the imageboard on IRC; feel free to come by and hang out!
>> No.3454  
Quick instructions for firefox users

I don't use chrome but this one looks like it would work well



none of the mod team knows about it because I just woke up though
but it'll be the place where we talk about the site and school and other fun summer things
because we were all using skype before this because that infrastructure was already in place but I realized last night it's not the best place to organize things
>> No.3455  
is this 24/7? just wondering if it's worth adding to my bouncer or if i'm gonna keep getting dc'd all the time
>24/7 cool ty

where can i see the list of channels?
disregard. i had minimum set to 3 people. oops

my bouncer uses ipv6 apparently and can't connect. trying to get ahold of my provider to see if he can change something

>mirc vs hexchat
i've used mirc since probably 2000 or 2001. i tried using hexchat before and it felt horribly clunky in comparison.
that being said, mirc requires :20bux: or a crack. so for someone new to irc on windows, hexchat is probably the way to go

>> No.3456  
File: 1494710731193.jpg -(89488 B, 454x739) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh and the Windows guide for newfriends

actually I take that back, Hexchat is better and open-source
for *nix and windows

I use irssi because I like the command line interface
>> No.3459  
File: 1494712256116.jpg -(171398 B, 580x871) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ah, I didn't read too closely about mirc
but I almost forget that some software needs cracks. I've been running only *nix for a while now

I used to lurk in /mu/tant radio's IRC and a few other channels on FreeNode but I've fallen out of the loop recently. A bouncer sounds like a really cool idea; I've never heard of one before but the more I read about it the more useful it sounds!

Did you know that the linux user group @ ncsu has an irc channel? it used to be hosted on school hardware but like all good things it died and moved to FreeNode

uefi is such a hassle
if you have two graphics cards then you are pretty much tethered to bumblebee
ah, best of luck! I // A lot of times that I try something new like a single O/S install or installing wayland I end up really making a mistake and breaking something big

I tried to install Gentoo three (3) times before I got a working installation, and I broke another recent install of something by letting the package manager remove a version of GCC that I was dependent upon

I used Debian a little bit but not enough to know a lot about it. I've seen a few guys in my classes using Debian, but only a very very small number like 2 or 3

I'm not familar with aptitude, but I know that what you're talking about isn't possible with apt-get. Maybe since aptitude is a higher-level of abstraction than apt-get it might have that feature somewhere.
I've learned to love the package manager after a while: it's VERY IMPORTANT to read the list of ALL packages it will un/install/modify

because that's how I accidentally uninstalled gcc~
>> No.3461  
> I've been running only *nix for a while now
ive been dual booting windows/debian on my laptop for a while now, and today ive just formatted the hard drive and gone straight debian.
i'd like to get my desktop dual booting as well (since some of the games i play does not support linux), but because of nvidia, windows 8, and UEFI, it's been a huge fucking headache to get it to work (so far i've been unsuccessful)

>Did you know that the...
i've barely been here a year so i dont know anything about state or its history

>if you have two graphics cards
just one. the issue is that uefi makes it hard to install/boot into debian for some reason, and nvidia has non-free drivers ONLY available, so graphically nothing works, and windows 8 eats grub and replaces it with the windows bootloader whenever it sees grub installed. it's a fucking headache

I broke another recent install of something by letting the package manager remove a version of FUCK
>I broke another recent install of something by letting the package manager remove a version of GCC that I was dependent upon
i do shit like this a lot. is there an easy way to 'undo' whatever the last aptitude or package operation that was performed?
>> No.3698  
File: 1502894373400.jpg -(159077 B, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the irc channel is still very active!
It's open to everyone, so feel free to join and invite your friends

It's the preferred way to contact / harass the staff outside of the liveboard, but you can find that we don't always talk about boring admin stuff: there's a lot about the weather, computers, and always lots of fun in the IRC

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